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Vivienne Westwood reinterprets Burberry

When two great fashion brands meet, incredible collections can only spring up, eagerly awaited and destined not to leave indifferent. This is the case of Vivienne Westwood, a well-known British designer who has announced her next challenge: to revisit the most iconic and popular Burberry garments . In truth, this is an early summer news, but now we are close to admiring the fruits of this partnership. As of December 6, 2018   in fact, in boutiques and online limited edition will be available the first pieces. This news certainly meets the appreciation of all lovers of British style and those who love to wear a look that reinterprets the past in a truly stylish modern key. The Vivienne Westwood Burberry duo Vivienne Westwood is known around the world for creating the punk style , extravagant and full of provocative elements. The originality of its collections, the technique and the ability to combine tradition with modernity have made it a style icon since the 1970s.  technologyif
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Tricks to always have impeccable clothes

An image that is always cured and a perfect outfit for every occasion is everyone's dream! But  how to get impeccable clothes that make your style stand out? The answer is to be found in some small tricks, which can really make a difference, starting with the use of a good  vertical iron . Not everyone knows the advantages of this tool, which can prove to be of great use in terms of garment care and time savings.  technologyify Dry your clothes carefully Many are wonder   how to take care of clothes , quickly and easily, but at the same time ensuring the best results. It is necessary to proceed by following some fundamental steps to always have clothes in order.  worldbeautytips Once the washing has been completed, following the indications for the specific type of fabric, it is also important to   hang the clothes   in the right way, to allow natural drying without wrinkles that are difficult to treat. First of all, if possible, it is always better to minimize   the use of c

Louboutin shoes: how to recognize fakes Loboutin and Laboutin

Famous for their  red sole ,  Louboutin shoes  are the must have of every woman's shoe cabinet. The result of the creation of the  shoe designer Christian Louboutin , these shoes are increasingly the object of counterfeiting and if you do not pay close attention you can end up buying fake Louboutins. In order to avoid disappointment, as well as waste of money, it is important to know how to distinguish the fakes from the original shoes and today let's find out how to do it together.  techwadia Louboutin shoes: the box First let's start from the box. You will never find a pair of original Louboutin shoes without the light brown rigid cardboard box . The paper is stretched to perfection, without cuts or folds, but above all it is lacquered. In the center of the lid there is the inscription " Christian Louboutin ", at the bottom right the inscription " Paris ". Furthermore, on the original box there is always a   sticker   with the name of the model, th

Clothing rental in the future of fashion: pay a fixed price and get what you want

Nowadays we are used to shopping when it comes to fashion . We buy, receive or take home the clothes we prefer and wear them over and over again, until we decide to renew our wardrobe. But what if we could have a  continuous clothing rental available  , without worrying about the price and wearing what want when we want lifebloombeauty ? The future of fashion seems to be precisely rental and, even if in Italy this reality is still little known, in other countries in the world it is already a case of success. And we are not just talking about renting clothes for ceremonies , such as tuxedos and evening dresses, but everyday clothing . The shopping we are used to today could wear new meanings tomorrow futuretechexpert . Clothing rental: from utopia to reality   From Asia to the United States , many companies have begun to offer clothing rental services for leisure and work, in addition to masquerade costumes and dresses for receptions or special occasions. This effectively means qu

Supreme NY, the success of the streetwear brand and how to recognize fakes

Over the last few months there has been a real boom in demand for Supreme T - shirts and Supreme New York sweatshirts . Considered one of the most famous and coveted streetwear brands , Supreme NY has the roots of its success in the early nineties in New York. Then the boom in the USA and in recent years also in Italy, especially thanks to Fedez . Let's go into the details and discover the history of this brand, but above all we learn to distinguish the fake from the   original Supreme . Supreme NY: the story Supreme New York was born in 1994 as a skateboarding brand by James Jebbia. The history of this brand is inextricably linked to the personal vicissitudes of its founder. Born in 1963, Jebbia is not an American, but a British who at 19 decides to move to the Big Apple. It is the period in which the skate culture emerges in an overwhelming way and, sensing its great potential, Jebbia decides to exploit the wave by opening a skate shop on Lafayette Street in 1994 . In a sho

Louis Vuitton Marc Newson suitcases: a new sensational collection

Sometimes they come back. Who are we talking about? But of the couple formed by Louis Vuitton and Marc Newson who decided to return to collaborate together. Building on the success of 2016, the duo came together to sign a new collection of Louis Vuitton suitcases that promises to be truly sensational. The news has already surprised all the addicted to the big fashion brands who say they are enthusiastic about this renewed union. It's called Horizon Soft and it's an entire collection dedicated to rolling luggage , designed and structured for modern travelers. A project that has combined the convenience of a functional suitcase with elegance . The historic logo of the French brand is in fact married to the creative and lively flair of the Australian designer. The result? Comfortable, beautiful and fashion suitcases . Louis Vuitton, the passion for fashion that still gives success The famous French company has been operating in the fashion sector practically since 1854. We t

School outfit: how to dress well and fashionably

The  school outfits  are considered very important - whether it's middle and high schools or universities - it is important that their personal taste and character is highlighted, even during the day. Unfortunately, however, at school as well as in the professional field, it is necessary to have some  practical precautions  in line with good taste and elegance always in step with current fashion. There are   some rules to follow,   tips to put into practice and customizations to make so as to make a boring school day into a particular event to show off   your look .  tc bolts School outfit: the general rules A certain rigor has always been imposed    on the school outfit, asking boys and girls of all ages to put aside their good taste and personal style to adopt a rather unwatchable look. But   how to dress for school ? Before seeing some fashionable outfits, but inclined to social rules, it is good to follow some   general advice   in order to be able to dress appropriately