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Vivienne Westwood reinterprets Burberry

When two great fashion brands meet, incredible collections can only spring up, eagerly awaited and destined not to leave indifferent. This is the case of Vivienne Westwood, a well-known British designer who has announced her next challenge: to revisit the most iconic and popular Burberry garments . In truth, this is an early summer news, but now we are close to admiring the fruits of this partnership. As of December 6, 2018   in fact, in boutiques and online limited edition will be available the first pieces. This news certainly meets the appreciation of all lovers of British style and those who love to wear a look that reinterprets the past in a truly stylish modern key. The Vivienne Westwood Burberry duo Vivienne Westwood is known around the world for creating the punk style , extravagant and full of provocative elements. The originality of its collections, the technique and the ability to combine tradition with modernity have made it a style icon since the 1970s.  technologyif

Louboutin shoes: how to recognize fakes Loboutin and Laboutin

Famous for their  red sole ,  Louboutin shoes  are the must have of every woman's shoe cabinet. The result of the creation of the  shoe designer Christian Louboutin , these shoes are increasingly the object of counterfeiting and if you do not pay close attention you can end up buying fake Louboutins. In order to avoid disappointment, as well as waste of money, it is important to know how to distinguish the fakes from the original shoes and today let's find out how to do it together. techwadia

Louboutin shoes: the box

First let's start from the box. You will never find a pair of original Louboutin shoes without the light brown rigid cardboard box . The paper is stretched to perfection, without cuts or folds, but above all it is lacquered. In the center of the lid there is the inscription " Christian Louboutin ", at the bottom right the inscription " Paris ". Furthermore, on the original box there is always a  sticker  with the name of the model, the type of leather and the size written. If there is no box or you do not find the white label indicating the model and size, it is obviously a fake.

Dust bag and spare cleats

Inside the original shoe box there is a  red dust bag  made with a particularly soft and resistant fabric . This bag features the same logo found on the box , but in black; it is placed, neatly folded, on the white tissue paper.

The  fakes , on the other hand, are usually sold with  two small dust bags , one for each shoe , placed on a shapeless mass of tissue paper. The original shoes, on the other hand, do not have plastic bags, but are simply protected by several layers of white tissue paper.

In addition to the dust bag there is an identical , smaller size bag which contains  2 spare cleats . In case of counterfeiting, however, the studs are contained in a nylon bag.

The sole and the insole

The sole of the original Louboutin shoes is  fire red, glossy version . If, on the other hand, the coloring tends to a dark red, if not fuchsia, it is a fake. If the shoe is white, the outer edge of the sole is the same color, never in contrast . In addition, the logo is lightly embossed under the sole, without grooves or smudges .

The Louboutin shoes also have  a soft  cushion under the  insole  that helps make walking more comfortable. The fakes, on the other hand, are stiff to fit and are generally so tight that you have to buy a larger size.

At this point we discovered together the characteristics of the original shoes and how to distinguish them from fake ones. In this regard, we remind you that Louboutin shoes do not have any certificate of authenticity .


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