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Vivienne Westwood reinterprets Burberry

When two great fashion brands meet, incredible collections can only spring up, eagerly awaited and destined not to leave indifferent. This is the case of Vivienne Westwood, a well-known British designer who has announced her next challenge: to revisit the most iconic and popular Burberry garments . In truth, this is an early summer news, but now we are close to admiring the fruits of this partnership. As of December 6, 2018   in fact, in boutiques and online limited edition will be available the first pieces. This news certainly meets the appreciation of all lovers of British style and those who love to wear a look that reinterprets the past in a truly stylish modern key. The Vivienne Westwood Burberry duo Vivienne Westwood is known around the world for creating the punk style , extravagant and full of provocative elements. The originality of its collections, the technique and the ability to combine tradition with modernity have made it a style icon since the 1970s.  technologyif

Supreme NY, the success of the streetwear brand and how to recognize fakes

Over the last few months there has been a real boom in demand for Supreme T - shirts and Supreme New York sweatshirts . Considered one of the most famous and coveted streetwear brands , Supreme NY has the roots of its success in the early nineties in New York. Then the boom in the USA and in recent years also in Italy, especially thanks to Fedez .

Let's go into the details and discover the history of this brand, but above all we learn to distinguish the fake from the  original Supreme .

Supreme NY: the story

Supreme New York was born in 1994 as a skateboarding brand by James Jebbia. The history of this brand is inextricably linked to the personal vicissitudes of its founder. Born in 1963, Jebbia is not an American, but a British who at 19 decides to move to the Big Apple. It is the period in which the skate culture emerges in an overwhelming way and, sensing its great potential, Jebbia decides to exploit the wave by opening a skate shop on Lafayette Street in 1994 . In a short time, here is the appearance of the first t-shirts with red logo and white Supreme writing .

The target Supreme clientele also sees guys who love to mix Levi's garments with Vuitton and Gucci: Jebbia therefore creates the Supreme hoodie. Very good quality, so people would have been willing to pay them more. Never was intuition more apt. The sweatshirts were  immediately a great success and within a year the Supreme caps and the Supreme t shirts also had the same fate. The work of Barbara Kruger and the collaborations with other important brands, such as Anti-Hero, Vans, The North Face, Nike, Undercover, COMME des GARÇONS, certainly favored its success .

Supreme NYC arrives in Italy

To buy Supreme jersey, bag and sweatshirts is easy: just go to one of the many Supreme stores or buy from the comfort of your home on Supreme online shop supremenewyork . To make this brand unique there is also the limited edition of the collections which often leads to immense queues in front of the stores on the occasion of the launch of a new model. The element of exclusivity , in fact, contributes to increasing the desire to wear a Supreme garment and precisely this leads people to always be informed about the brand's news.

Thanks to its ability to always be on the side of young people and reflect underground culture, Supreme has quickly become one of the most attractive fashion brands, creating a real Supreme community . In recent years, the Instagram posts by Fedez and Chiara Ferragni have increased the diffusion of the brand in Italy . Often, in fact, it is possible to see posts by the rapper and the well-known influencer while wearing a Supreme Louis Vuitton sweatshirt or Supreme bag . In this way, more and more young people have decided to approach this brand.

The Supreme Louis Vuitton partnership

Over the years the brand has made use of numerous collaborations with some of the most famous and appreciated fashion companies, such as Nike, Timberland, Lacoste, Stone Island and Louis Vuitton . The latter saw the creation of a prêt-à-porter Capsule collection, accessories and bijoux . The goal is to combine the fashion of the skater world, represented by Supreme, with that of the most unbridled luxury of Louis Vuitton. In this way it is possible to create the right combination - Louis Vuitton Supreme - to be able to reflect the needs of the twenties and thirties who want to combine the two styles.

How to recognize fake Supreme and original Supreme

If you decide to buy a Supreme garment, beware of fakes . Unfortunately, there are numerous fakes in circulation and for this reason it is important to know how to recognize the originals .

One of the most used methods to recognize an original Supreme garment are the letters of the logo . If the latter are too stuck together, it is a fake. The letter P must have a perfect oval and the rod that makes up this letter must end in a straight and clear way. Furthermore, in fake garments, the final letter E is generally higher than the others that make up the brand. Pay attention that there are no seam burrs and above all remember that these are quality garments. If the fabric does not convince you and the colors are strange, it is almost certainly an imitation.

In particular, if you decide to buy a Supreme shirt, you need to check the stitching of the collar . Compared to most T-shirts, for example, this is not a double seam. The Supreme NYC logo on the back of the size label is also slightly transparent. If it is a fake, however, the writing is quite evident. The original Supreme hoodie features flat laces. If, on the other hand, they are strings, it is a fake. All seams must be neat, with a linear design.

Supreme Barletta case

An example of a completely made in Italy Fake Supreme is the Supreme Barletta case . The Italian company, in fact, has decided to market garments similar to those of the streetwear brand, taking advantage of the fact that Supreme NY had not registered its brand in Italy. Considered a situation of " legal fake ", in which a company "by chance" has the same name and produces garments similar to those, another company from another country, Supreme Italia made in Barletta, has no connection with the original Supreme NY , but it is simply a copy of the style and name of the brand.


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